Alcohol-free beer in Amman.

Over at the News Café in the Amman airport, I notice a funny looking bottle with an even funnier sounding name, chilling in the refrigerator. I thought to myself: If it’s a beer, why was it called Musa [Moses]? How ironic.

“What is Musa?” I unassumingly asked the young man behind the counter. He laughs, exchanges a few funny looks with the police officer behind me in line. I insist.

“What, what is it?”

“It’s called Misa.”

Shu, it’s a beer ya3ne?”

“Yes, beer but without alcohol.”

“Well then, that is not beer!”

“Do you want beer–”

“Oh no no–”

“Have some beer! We have Heineken, Stella…”

“La2 I’m good, honestly.”

He smiles.

“So where are you headed?”


“Beirut, allah yislam ahl Beirut…

He proceeds to ring up my green apple and sparkling water, and we part with smiles.

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